A Home In The Country

A Home In The Country | pineandcuttlebones.com | design-vox.com

I am forever daydreaming about moving to the country. Fresh air, open fields, long country roads, and beautiful country homes that show their age and offer a simplicity and sense of calm. Just being surrounded by more nature would improve my daily mood.

A Home In The Country | design-vox.com

I’m not quite as in to all white rooms as I used to be but this collection of white serving dishes and linen is a dream. Because everybody needs three big soup tureens and four matching pitchers, right?

A Home In The Country | flickr.com/photos/felixgein/ | design-vox.comA Home In The Country | blog.freepeople.com | design-vox.com

I’m not the only one that positively swoons over ragged old perfectly aged architecture, am I? I wish there were any homes as old and classy as this where I live. The US is just too young of a country. I want more old things. I realized that so many of my favorite Etsy shops are selling vintage items from Europe, particularly France. That’s where all the good old stuff is.

A Home In The Country | archdaily.com | design-vox.com

Although some new build homes in the country are pretty alluring too!

A Home In The Country | design-vox.com

I hope your weekend is as warm and comfortable as these images make me feel!

one | Pine & Cuttlebones
twoJeanne d’Arc Living
threeFelix van de Gein via blood and champagne
four | Free People Blog
five | Arch Daily
six | Unable to find source

Architecture Love

Architecture Love | olivierchabaud.com | design-vox.com

It’s not often an exterior shot speaks to me, which is why it’s been eight months since I last posted about them. I’m drawn to many different styles of architecture from the very traditional to some kinds of modern and especially something in between. I love the English Tudor styling of the above home. Such a charming look.

Architecture Love | enflo.se | design-vox.com

Very modern, very rustic, very amazing. Carefully landscaped lawns can be beautiful but I really do love a wild field. This is the sort of setting I can imagine myself retiring to one day.

Architecture Love | dmagazine.com | design-vox.com

I stared at this picture for a long time when I found it the other day. I love this home. It has traditional bones with a colonial feeling, but the gray painted brick makes it modern and fresh. Not to mention the gorgeous black framed windows and adorable circular ones as well. And those dormers! So cute and symmetrical and I want it. Click here to see the picture full size in all its glory and here to see the inside of the home!

one | Oliver Chabaud via desire to inspire
two | Enflo Arkitekter via blood and champagne
threeRegan and Zach Carlile via Bijou & Boheme

Fabulous Façade Inspiration

Fabulous Façade Inspiration | traditionalhome.com | design-vox.com

Did you take me up on my challenge from earlier this month to get outside, go for a walk, and see about finding some beautiful façades to ogle? For once I took my own advice. There’s a fairly well-to-do neighborhood right next to me that I love to wander through. I even got my boyfriend pointing out houses he liked. Every one I talked about he would follow with, “Should we buy it? Let’s buy that. I’ll buy that for you.” He’s an ambitious (and adorable) guy.

Fabulous Façade Inspiration | productionparadise.com | design-vox.com

Fabulous Façade Inspiration | traditionalhome.com | design-vox.com

I love how this last one doesn’t look monumental or out of reach, and yet it’s so breathtaking. Wouldn’t you just love to spend some sunny days here? I could go for a lie down in that grass with that doggy by my side.

one | photo by Brie Williams for Trad Home via first home
two | photo by Ric Stovall
three | photo by Francesco Lagnese for Trad Home via Savvy Home

Go For A Walk

Go For A Walk | dustjacketattic.blogspot.com.au | via Design-Vox.com

I am craving the sun hard. It is out today. I need to make an effort to get off my butt and go for a walk. Not only do I spend too much time indoors, my idea of exercise is doing housework. Two birds with one stone, right? If anything could get me outside and moving around it’s the chance to see beautiful architecture.

Go For A Walk | milesredd.com | via Design-Vox.com

You can just passively admire, or it’s also fun to look at the details and try to pinpoint what it is that draws you to the façade. When I took a “Housing and Home Furnishings” class a while back I learned a bunch of terms for styles and features of homes. It’s fun to see how many of them I can remember.

Go For A Walk | via Design-Vox.com

Seriously, have you ever done this? If you’re into interior design, chances are you love a beautiful exterior too. There don’t have to be mansions around (though those are certainly beautiful most of the time). There’s probably a nice neighborhood near you that has plenty of lovely homes for you to ogle.

one | photographed by Sharyn Cairns for Country Style, via dustjacket attic
two | Miles Redd
three | via My Favorite and My Best


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