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3 Things That Every Professional Carpet Cleaner Has To Know

Carpet Cleaning Process

Keeping your home clean is not something that you want to or not, but it is rather a necessity
that you have to fulfill! Regardless of your house area, types and sizes of rugs, it is a good idea
to perform a deep cleaning every 10 months, just to ensure that you have no dirt collected
inside the fabrics of your rug. When it comes to little tricks and tips that can save you from the
excessive work, Carpet Cleaning in Humble shared with us some of the best tips that every
professional carpet cleaner should now! Therefore, we will present some of the tricks that you
should follow to make your life easier, at least when it comes to carpet cleaning and wall-to-
wall carpet types!

Proper vacuuming is a must

You will often encounter wall-to-wall rugs that you can clean only on the top, not below or
inside. However, as much as you can keep your office/house clean with cleaning just the top of
the rug, there is still a need to perform a bit thorough cleaning. Explain to your customers that
you should detach the rugs and clean them inside properly to remove any of the dirt or muds.
The professional companies have their equipment included in the standard gear, as they need
the special vacuums that can clean inside the rug. Therefore, your company first has to obtain
this special equipment as it is the inevitable part of every pro carpet cleaning company!

Use alkaline soaps with lower pH value

The dust may be stuck inside of the carpet, which takes most of the time to clean properly.
While the majority of chemicals will do the job right, there is one difference when it comes to
wall-to-wall carpets. The standard solutions that you use will not be enough to clean
everything. Here, you will need a bit stronger detergent than you usually use, as you want to
remove all the dirt and dust that is stuck below and inside the carpet. While almost all standard
cleaning solutions have neutral pH value, you will need a solution with a lower pH to get rid of
every particle of dirt inside the carpet. Simply, look for solutions that have lower pH value
imprinted on the bottle.

Carpet cleaning process

Proper drying is a must

The biggest mistake that the majority of inexperienced cleaners do is improper carpet drying.
Whenever you clean your rug, it is very likely that you will soak it up with water so everything
could be cleaned. Now, when you soak the carpet, it usually takes about 24 hours to dry it
outside, in a natural way. Some cleaners believe it can be dry in less amount of time, but this is
not true. In this way, you can only develop mold due to the damp fibers and structure. Instead,
ensure your carpet gets dried outside, if possible. The natural drying is the best way as there is
no way to damage your carpet in any way.