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Classy Farmhouse Home Office Inspiration

November 6, 2015

Hi! I had a random moment of inspiration to blog so here is the result of that. It’s a little ironic really that I chose workspaces for the theme today. Last week the office for which I have been the administrator of for the last five years closed and I moved to my company’s corporate office down the road. Now instead of working at a receptionist desk I have my own private office, so that’s awesome. However the current state of said office resembles a storage closet… so that’s less awesome. Haha. But we are working on cleaning it out and will get me a “big girl desk” as my boss put it. I don’t know yet how much I will be able to personalize the space, but it’s pretty exciting to be able to do even a little of that. I doubt I’ll get a lovely rustic worn wood desk, but I still love the inspiration in these photos and products today. Hope you do too!

Classy Farmhouse Home Office Inspiration

Classy Farmhouse Home Office Inspiration

Classy Farmhouse Home Office Inspiration

Classy Farmhouse Home Office Inspiration


one | Melissa and Keye Lee via Design*Sponge
two | Ann Street Studio
three | original source unknown
four | homedit

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Get The Look: Vintage Farmhouse Chic Dining Room

August 13, 2015

Get The Look: Vintage Farmhouse Chic Dining Room | The home of Daria Souvorova via Design*Sponge.

The home of Daria Souvorova via Design*Sponge.

I thought I’d try something new today and pull together a “get the look” round up of products inspired by the above vintage farmhouse chic dining room. Too many adjectives? Possibly. But it really is all those things. When searching for these products it became clear that to really get this look you have to use a lot of vintage, nothing can replace that age and character. So for several items I’m including both a new and vintage option for your consideration.

Get The Look: Vintage Farmhouse Chic Dining Room

New Chandelier $320 | Vintage Chandelier $1,300
Art by Valdas Misevičius | Frames by Framebridge
New Table $250 | Vintage Table $650

To find chandeliers like this, search for “Williamsburg chandelier”. I don’t particularly love most chandeliers in this style but the unique detail on that vintage number definitely caught my eye. These chandeliers also totally lend themselves to modernization. They can be spraypainted (both the body and/or the faux candlesticks), and the bulbs can be switched out for round bulbs which completely changes the personality of the piece.

Get The Look: Vintage Farmhouse Chic Dining Room

New Chair 1 $260/pair | New Chair 2 $170 | New Chair 3 $149
Vintage Chair Set 1 $275 | Vintage Chair Set 2 $1,200
Rug $1,135 | Trunk $510

When searching for chairs like this try “windsor”, “bentwood”, and “farmhouse”. Or if you love that vintage set of 6 as much as I do add “Thonet”. The rug is a “Geometric Kazak Oriental Rug”. This very charming type of trunk can be found looking for “barrel stave wood trunk”. A lot of these items can be found at antique stores, flea markets, and even thrift stores. Happy searching!

So what do you think? Did I replicate the inspiration room pretty well? Would you like to see more posts like this? Let me know! 🙂

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Eclectic Neutrals: Current Loves 05

July 7, 2015

When I do product round-ups I don’t start with an idea of what I want the theme to be, I just throw a bunch of stuff together and hope they feel somewhat cohesive. Amazingly, they usually do. When I was trying to think of the best way to describe this collection my first thought was “understated”, but scroll arm chairs and pompoms aren’t exactly understated. My second thought was “bohemian” but that only really applies to a few pieces. Clearly my taste draws from several styles, so I’m giving this round-up the somewhat mysterious descriptor “eclectic”. If you limit yourself to one specific style for your decor you may be missing out on something more complex and unique that would make you even happier. It can be trickier to achieve cohesiveness with eclectic decor, but given time, enthusiasm, and a willingness to take risks, I believe anyone can pull it off.

Which of these items would you most like to snatch up? It’s the floor lamp for me. Of course, the priciest item. Curse my expensive taste. That pom pom throw is pretty amazing too.

arm chair | birch lane $540 for a set of 2
pendant light | birch lane $100
throw with tassels | the citizenry $155
floor lamp | anthropologie $698
flats | connected artisans $130
stool | bohem $175
pillow | amber interiors shoppe $180
pitcher | bohem $38
throw with pom poms | bohem $185
candle holders | worley’s lighting $35 each

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Gray & Brass Bedroom: Current Loves 04

June 11, 2015


I slapped together some products I’ve been loving lately and a bedroom emerged. (I say slapped together but this took me hours, ha.) What do you think, does this mix of sleek brass and natural gray and black work? I want to throw a gigantic black blanket with pom pom edges over that bed, cover up some of that white. And fill those empty shelves with books and antiques. And hang some dramatic floor to ceiling drapery. I’m getting carried away here, clearly I’m in a decorating mood!

pendant lights | interior homescapes $290
jellyfish art | Alexander Semenov $25+
console table | birch lane $899
table lamp | west elm $169
potted plants | ikea $6 each
bed frame | west elm $799+
floral pillow | society social $155
cream tassled pillow | h&m sold out
side table | west elm $199
pom pom bed cover | bohem $185
basket | connected artisans $56
floor lamp | horchow $590

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Relaxed Modern: Current Random Loves 03

March 6, 2015

Where do I begin with these beauties? Clean lines mixed with soft textures and dark hues punctuated by minty blue. That’s a recipe for a cool, cozy, and beautiful room. Minty blue seems to be my accent color of choice lately. The upholstery on that armchair is so perfectly cheery, isn’t it? Alright here’s the question: if you could take any one of these items home what would it be? I’ve got to go with the chandelier. I love how it somehow feels traditional, modern, and industrial all at once. If you’ve got a chandelier hanging that you’re not totally in love with but can’t replace yet, try switching out the standard flame-shaped chandelier bulbs for little globe bulbs. It can completely change the look of a fixture and make it feel much more modern!

Relaxed Modern: Current Random Loves 03 |

1. Maryanne Moodie weaving $550 2. large glass vase $20
3. brussels pendant $1,740 4. nook console $499
5. table lamp $250 6. organic foldover clutch $52
7. raw silk caftan $98 8. disc side table $199
9. leather booker armchair $1,898

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Handsome Chic: Current Random Loves 02

January 29, 2015

I have for you some very pretty items for the home and wardrobe today. Cool, relaxed, modern, and stylish. Which piece would you most like to take home? I really love that perfectly constructed basket but I think I’d take the floor lamp. I love light fixtures but floor lamps have the hardest time impressing me, and this one is a keeper. Links below!


1. framed Earnest Hemingway quote $87  2. lila jacket
3. copper pitcher $88  4. steampunk floor lamp $750
5. serena ring $118  6. basket with wood bar $80
7. diamond motif rug $128+ 8. waxed canvas toiletries pouch $48+
9. isak armchair $2,298