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Inspiring Children’s Rooms

July 2, 2013

Inspiring Children's Rooms | |

Love this mix of a vintage worn vibe with cute kid details.

Inspiring Children's Rooms | |

Such a sweet activity area!

Inspiring Children's Rooms | |

A nursery to emulate, for sure. This is a great example of a colorful, yet restricted color palette. Several different garlands are used for some playful visual interest. I think my favorite detail is the fringe mobile above the crib.

one | J. Ingerstedt
two | Jessica Helgerson, photo by Andrew Cammarano via Design*Sponge
threeDelbarr Moradi via 100 Layer Cake


Color Palettes for Kid’s Rooms

June 20, 2013

Color Palettes for Kid's Rooms | | Featured on

Now, normally I am a big proponent for children’s rooms that are colorful with a refined palette. You know, whites and other neutrals being predominant with colors brought in with smaller moments. But I forgive this room for using color with broad strokes because it’s so cute! Orange and blue are complimentary colors which means they look fab and dynamic together. Bits of chartreuse with the side table and rug are a super playful addition. The key to the success of this room’s color palette is that while yes, there is a lot of color, there is also a lot of white breaking it all up. Many people might have been tempted to, for example, find bedding that matches the drapery. No, I tell you. Not everything in a room has to have a “partner”, something that “goes with it” color-wise or even stylistically. Don’t limit yourself by thinking this way!

Color Palettes for Kid's Rooms | | Featured on

Ah, that is a might easier on the eyes, isn’t it? I support this minimalist all-white look just as much as the first room. It all depends on what feels right to you. Do you want the room to be energizing and exciting? Or soft and soothing? Both are valid endeavors. Remember: the kid’s toys will be plenty colorful to stimulate that little brain; the walls and decor don’t necessarily need to be colorful too!

Color Palettes for Kid's Rooms | | Featured on

How about something in between? Mostly neutral but with bits and bobs of color and fun? This is currently my favorite type of color palette for a nursery. The walls would be just as lovely with cream or a light gray. This whole room is just wonderful and you can see it all on designer Morgan Satterfield’s blog!

one | Amie Corley via 6th Street Design School
twoMarion Alberge, photo by Cyrille Robin, via 79 ideas
threeMorgan Satterfield


Garlands and Pom Poms in Kid’s Rooms

May 24, 2013

Bunting, Garlands, and Pom Poms in Kid's Rooms | | via

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Neutral walls are such a good backdrop, especially if you want to have freely colorful decor as is almost always the case in children’s rooms. This space is playful, cozy, bright, and creative.

Bunting, Garlands, and Pom Poms in Kid's Rooms | | via

The first photo had flag bunting, this one has a pom pom garland, and the last has pom pom trim. These cute little details are totally at home in a kid’s room.

Bunting, Garlands, and Pom Poms in Kid's Rooms | | via

This is so wonderful. I think there’s plenty of grown adults who would love to have this room. I adore that Jonathan Adler pillow and have admired Bla Bla dolls for a long time. It’s just all so cute and perfectly girly, with the perfect added dash of sophistication to make it appeal to all ages.

one | Oeuf via my ideal home
two | photo by Angelita Bonetti, styling by Anna Flanders for The Design Files
three | Erika Bretchel, photo by Sabra Lattos, styling by Irene


Muted & Neutral Children’s Rooms

April 29, 2013

kids042913 01

One of the many decisions expectant parents face is how to decorate the nursery. Do they go the traditional route and paint blue for a boy and pink for a girl? What if they don’t want either of those? What if they’re waiting to find out the sex? What if they want to stay away from gender stereotypes? So on and so forth.

With some exceptions, I find that the kids’ rooms I’m drawn to usually do not have color on the walls at all, but rather start with a neutral backdrop and bring color in with accessories. In the case of the rooms I’m sharing today, very little color is brought in at all. Everything is kept mostly muted and neutral, and it can be a beautiful effect.

kids042913 02

I adore the pop of pink in this flamingo art. Children’s art need not be kiddy!

kids042913 03

An almost entirely white room is sweetened with the soft colors of a quilt. This girl’s toy teacups are even muted in color, though undoubtedly they were chosen to style this harmonious photograph for that reason. Isn’t she just adorable in that little hat?

So what do you think? Have I sold you on this neutral backdrop idea for kid’s rooms?

one // the home of Ivanka Trump in Elle Decor via Shop Talk
two // the home of Alice Flynn, photographed by Chris Warnes via Design*Sponge
three // photographed by Polly Wreford for The Little White Company via 79 ideas


Cozy Kids’ Rooms

April 3, 2013

kids040313 01

Take away the toys and give it a bigger bed and I would happily call this my grow-up bedroom. Admittedly the wall paper is probably not something I’d choose, but I love how it gives the room an ethereal feel. The space definitely looks cozy with all the soft textures and pattern.

kids040313 02

Nothing’s cozier than a canopy to sleep under.

kids040313 03

Simple hooks in the ceiling hold up casually hung fabric, effortlessly giving this nook a feeling of comfortable enclosure. The lanterns on the ceiling further soften the space. Doesn’t this look like the perfect place for a little one to daydream?

Don’t forget to hop over to this week’s Design Survey and give your opinion. 🙂

one // Miranda Brooks & Bastien Halard, photographed by François Halard for Vogue via nicety
two // photographed by Armelle Habib, via dustjacket attic
three // the home of Lora Neveu for Design*Sponge via buddha interiors


White Walls In Kids’ Rooms

February 28, 2013

kids022813 01

And thousands of parents across the globe cried out, “You’re crazy!” Maybe I am a little bit. Or just naive, since I don’t have kids yet. But I’ve seen plenty of examples on the internet of lovely, functional kid’s rooms with white walls. And we all know the internet doesn’t lie. Sure, the walls may look dirty faster. I don’t think I would mind an obvious cue that I need to wash the walls more often. And honestly, crayon and dirt and god-knows-what will show up nearly as quickly on your baby-blue or beige or whatever walls. Won’t it?

kids022813 02

If I’ve sold you on that, the next concern might be that white walls in a children’s room is too, well… white. Colorless. Kid’s rooms are an opportunity to go a little crazy with color, but all that crazy does not have to be from the wall color. In fact, if you’ve got a veritable rainbow of toys and books and decor in your little one’s room, a white backdrop can work wonders to keep it from looking like a circus on acid.

kids022813 03

All three of the rooms featured here have white walls with colorful accessories to keep it feeling playful and young. It works, I tell you! At least that’s what the internet tells me. 🙂

one // the home of Emma Persson Lagerberg via my ideal home
two // the home of Melanie Blodgett via Design*Sponge
three // photo by Joe Pugliese via Dwell