Home Office Dreaming on a Snowy Day

Sounds like much of North America is taking a snow day today, but not me! Fortunately I live very close to work so my commute was only slightly hazardous. This would definitely be one of those times where’d I’d be thankful if I worked from home!

Home Office Dreaming on a Snowy Day | hoteldupantheon.com | design-vox.com

Home Office Dreaming on a Snowy Day | jhinteriordesign.com | design-vox.com

Love this sweet little nook. It has rather simple bones but the space becomes lovely with the addition of a few high style items like the Jieldé style lamp, bentwood chair, and beautiful vibrant rug.

Home Office Dreaming on a Snowy Day | milkmagazine.net | design-vox.com

This home office feels very Scandinaivan. There’s some very Danish modern lines in that furniture, and of course the sheepskin screams of Scandinavia. Scandinavian design is what first got me interested in interiors. Before I stumbled upon images like this I had never seen anything like it, and I loved the bright, modern simplicity of it especially in comparison to what I’m used to seeing in homes in Michigan. It opened my eyes to the huge variety of design and its transformative power. My tastes have evolved since then and nowadays I often find Scandi design too plain and/or too white, but this room succeeds in feeling decidedly Scandinavian while also being warm and colorful. Love it!

oneHôtel du Panthéon via desire to inspire
two | Jessica Helgerson via dustjacket attic
three | MilK Magazine via My White Room

Worky Work

Worky Work | vtwonen.nl | design-vox.com

So I have had this whole week off from work. My boyfriend and I decided to just take a staycation this year so we’ve stuck close to good old Grand Rapids, Michigan. Went to a game at The Big House, visited Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Park, and done a whole lot of movie watching and shopping everywhere from malls to antique stores to Target. A sweet new market just opened in downtown Grand Rapids that we’re looking forward to going back to today to pick up some steaks to grill at a bonfire tonight.

Worky Work | studiopepe.info | design-vox.com

I’m being unintentionally ironic by sharing photos of workspaces today, since I haven’t done a bit of work all week. It really has been nice. I was worried at first that a staycation wouldn’t be as relaxing, especially since my boyfriend is not nearly as much of a homebody as me and always wants to be out doing something while I’d probably be perfectly content to sit on the sofa for a couple days. It’s good though. I’ve absolutely had more fun this week with Chris than I would have had alone on the sofa. :) Though I am hopelessly behind on my TV viewing and blog reading. Oh my goodness I have so much catching up to do.

Worky Work | lonny.com | design-vox.com

Last week Design-Vox was featured in this article on The Vivant “The Top 25 Home Decor Blogs” which just about killed me with shock. Such a huge honor to be on a list with some of my most favorite and admired blogs. It means so much to me that folks are connecting with and enjoying Design-Vox. From the beginning my goal has just been to share what most inspires and excites me with the hope that others too will be inspired. Thank you so much for reading and commenting! <3

one | vtwonen via April and May
two | Studeiopepe via desire to inspire
three | Lonny via Because It’s Awesome

Moody Broody Workspaces

Moody Broody Workspaces | ellishouse.com.au | via Design-Vox.com

Maybe moody and broody isn’t exactly how you’d describe your ideal home office, but I like to imagine that it fits some personalities. I mean what if you’re a mad genius writing your manifesto or a scientist furiously devising algorithms? You need a quirky, dark workspace my friend.

Moody Broody Workspaces | via Design-Vox.com

Moody Broody Workspaces | menossifotografo.com | via Design-Vox.com

I love this space. It’s so unconventional. The furniture placement, the way the art is arranged, a modern chair paired with a traditional desk. Wonderful. And I love the extra softness the rug brings. What do you think?

oneEllis House via desire to inspire
twoSomerset Place via desire to inspire
three | Enrique Menossi via Simply Smitten

A Clean Slate For Hard Work

workspace030613 01

Last time I talked about home offices I featured some rooms that were full to the brim with accessories and especially books. If you’re going to be reading a lot as part of your work process, that’s some great inspiration. But what if you like so many folks these days do the bulk of your work on a computer? Futhermore, what if you have a hard time focusing sometimes (don’t we all?) and what you really is as little distraction as possible?

Well feast your eyes on these beauties I have for you today. These work spaces all have a lovely, calming, and simple design. A clean slate of a backdrop to help you really focus on your work, with just enough pretty to put you in a wonderful mood.

workspace030613 02

A simple little nook may be all you need. The walls are left light and neutral to allow for some bold and blingy furniture pieces.

workspace030613 03

Creamy walls and drapery are calming while the colorful accessories add a little enlivening pizzazz. Would these home offices work for you? Or do you need even less distraction? Or maybe you find them too plain? I’m curious what you think!

one // Hecker Guthrie via desire to inspire
two // Opal Design Group via dustjacket atttic
three // McGill Design Group via dustjacket attic


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