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Luxurious Traditional Bohemian Living Rooms

August 17, 2016

Luxurious, traditional, and bohemian? What, too many adjectives? I’d say not. Too many months since I last posted? Yeah you’re probably right there but that can happen when your job goes from super chill to super crazy. I was thinking today that I need a hobby or something when I remembered that I used to have a pretty great hobby in blogging. So I figured I’d fire one off for fun. Believe it or not I’ve still been diligently saving images I come across so that part’s easy. My love for old, worn, dramatic, rooms certainly hasn’t gone away. Apparently I have a penchant for pink as an accent color. Works for me!

livingroom081716 01 livingroom081716 02 livingroom081716 03livingroom081716 08 livingroom081716 04livingroom081716 09 livingroom081716 05 livingroom081716 06 livingroom081716 07

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Sweet & Eclectic Children’s Rooms

March 25, 2016

Sweet & Eclectic Children's Rooms

This is one of the coolest kid’s rooms I think I’ve ever seen. As long as your kid is down for it, introducing elements that would normally be considered “grown up” like classical art, architectural salvage, and even a classy table lamp can really create a wow factor. This room is still totally playful and fun for what I imagine is a very well spoken 10 year old girl. Also I 100% approve of this mauvey dusty pink wall color. It reminds me of some of Farrow & Ball’s colors which I would love to try one day, in a girl’s room or elsewhere!

Sweet & Eclectic Children's Roomsphotography by Tara Pearce for Est Sweet & Eclectic Children's RoomsSweet & Eclectic Children's Rooms Sweet & Eclectic Children's Rooms

Not exactly a decked out nursery here but how adorable is this set up with the vintage bassinet and curtain? It would also be practical since you can shelter baby from light when it’s nap time. Such a sweet set up for a corner of the living room.

Sweet & Eclectic Children's Rooms Sweet & Eclectic Children's Rooms"the triumphant return of batgirl in pink" - Lauren Rosenbaum

one | MilK Decoration magazine, photos: Brunet Souet, via desire to inspire
two | Gabriela Perezutti Hearst via The Neo-Trad
three | photography by Tara Pearce for Est via desire to inspire
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five | original source unknown
six | Lovely Life
seven | Vogue Living Houses Gardens People via Caldwell Home
eight | Sibella Court via The Design Files
nine | Lauren Rosenbaum


Spring Can Get Here Already

February 26, 2016

West Michigan got hit fairly hard with a snow storm this week. Prior to that it was remarkably already feeling Spring-ish out there, so the storm was an unpleasant reminder that we live in Michigan and it’s still February. Now of course I am anxiously scanning the forecast for the next couple weeks and the good news is we might just be home free as far as no more significant snow fall or bitterly cold temps. I’m probably jinxing the entire state by saying that. Sorry guys. Regardless of whether we start to see Spring in earnest in a few weeks, I’m going to be indulging in some daydreaming on sunshine and warm breezes.

Spring Can Get Here AlreadySpring Can Get Here AlreadySpring Can Get Here AlreadySpring Can Get Here AlreadySpring Can Get Here AlreadySpring Can Get Here AlreadySpring Can Get Here AlreadySpring Can Get Here AlreadySpring Can Get Here AlreadySpring Can Get Here AlreadySpring Can Get Here Already

oneKurt Boomer Photo via Style Me Pretty
two | Abany Bauer
three | Ngoc Ninh Ngo via Vogue Australia
four | original source unknown
five | original source unknown
six | Jessica Lowery
seven | AL Hedderly
eight | original source unknown
nine | Cate Blanchett
ten | original source unknown
eleven | Amanda Tipton


Rethinking Shabby Chic

February 2, 2016

I’m trying something new today by including a musical track for this blog post, just to share the musical love a little. Click above to enjoy “The Woods” by Hollow Cove.

Rethinking Shabby Chic

I am aware that chippy paint is something of a major trend. You know, “shabby chic”. In theory I love those two words together but I have come to resent the term in many ways. Partly purely because it is in fact so trendy and therefore we might be overloading on it. But mostly because some uses of it are extremely generous if we’re truly trying to stick to the “chic” descriptor.

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Creating Visual Interest in Bathroom Design

January 12, 2016

Creating Visual Interest in Bathroom Design : bold, graphic, black and white tile

Helloooo! I’m here for my monthly post, as that appears to be the pattern I’ve fallen into. Back in September I mentioned that I started running my own antiques booth. I actually ended up moving to a different store already; I am now at Warehouse One in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan! It’s one of my own personal favorite antique stores, so I’m pretty pumped to be there. Running an antiques booth is an interesting endeavor. It’s a bit of a risk, because you have to spend money to make money, and there’s no guarantee that you will actually make money, haha. Of my 3 months in the biz I have had 2 months where I made about $40 after expenses, and one where I was in the hole about $20. So impressive, right?! Like anything it takes a while to gain momentum and learn the ropes. I don’t ever expect it to replace a full time income, and honestly a big part of why I’m doing it is just for fun. But I do hope and plan to grow.

Creating Visual Interest in Bathroom Design: bold tile

Bathrooms can easily turn into stark, utilitarian places. It’s a very function-focused room, moreso than any other room in the house I would argue, so its easy to call it good as long as there’s a toilet and a sink and maybe a shower. However if you want to inject some personality into a bathroom, it’s not hard to do so. As these first two bathrooms illustrate so well, patterned tile is an excellent option. And clearly I am into bold black and white tile. I honestly couldn’t have told you that before I looked at all these images and realized it. These patterns are just so playful and fun, and the high contrast between black and white creates a lot of visual interest.

Creating Visual Interest in Bathroom Design: plants

Whether or not you’re on board with the black and white tile, another awesome way to jazz up a bathroom is with plants. It’s not an obvious place to keep them, but especially if you have a window and plants that love high humidity, it is a really great solution for both a happy home for the plants and a way to add all kind of texture and beauty to the room.

Creating Visual Interest in Bathroom Design: textured walls and accessories

Speaking of texture, I can not get enough of textured walls. I don’t know much about how the effect is achieved other than it’s often done with plaster. The above bathroom is so simple and neutral, but the beautiful rough textures keep it from being boring. If those walls were just regular gray paint on drywall and the sink didn’t have that linen skirt, I can pretty much guarantee this little room would be a yawn fest. That’s basically the situation in my own half bathroom. Ha!

Creating Visual Interest in Bathroom Design

I don’t know if this is actually the world’s biggest bathroom or if some mad genius decided to put a tub in the middle of a bedroom or office, but any which way you slice it those high ceilings and perfectly worn wood floors are stunning.

Creating Visual Interest in Bathroom Design: textured walls and using antiques

My most favorite image of the bunch, and of course it’s from Jersey Ice Cream Company. They do not make ice cream (well maybe in their spare time). They make the most beautiful, drool-worthy homes. If I was ever going to hire a designer, they would be my absolute first pick. In this bathroom not only do we have textured walls but there’s so much charm and visual interest courtesy of the amazing vintage elements. There’s nothing like antiques to give a room character.

one | JJ Locations via desire to inspire
two | Katie Martinez via desire to inspire
three | Krickelin
four | Design*Sponge
five | Derek Swalwell via blood & champagne
six | Jersey Ice Cream Company


Cluttered Kitchens (That I Love)

December 11, 2015

Cluttered Kitchens (That I Love)

I really don’t know what is happening to me and my taste in design but lately my favorite spaces look just like this. Unfussy, layers of stuff, fairly neutral in color, and with that vintage rustic farmhouse feeling. The clean, classy, modern spaces I used to love are starting to look a little boring and sterile to me a lot of the time. It’s truthfully somewhat of a sea change for me and while it’s slightly disorienting I can’t say I’m mad about it.

Clutter is a very tricky thing that many people would never willfully choose to live with. And I totally respect that. Let’s be real, my home is cluttered right now but NOT in this lovely, styled way that I’m inspired by in these photos. Making this much stuff look good actually takes more skill and planning than a minimalist space in many ways. It is not easy to pull off. Everything has to make sense together and tell a cohesive visual story in order for it to not just look like you’re a gigantic mess of an adult.

Cluttered Kitchens (That I Love)

Cluttered Kitchens (That I Love)

When done right though it is so darn cozy. These spaces feel really truly lived in and loved. The collections of precious objects tell you about the person that lives there. In the kitchen of course those collections are usually related to cooking and dining. I can’t get enough of pretty dishes and serving bowls and cookware. Let’s hope I continue to learn to cook more and maybe even entertain guests once in a while so I can justify a growing collection of kitchenware. I just picked up the pitcher, platter, and serving bowl from Anthropolgie’s Attingham collection in the blush color when they were on super sale and I just adore them. They are proudly displayed in the dining room.

Cluttered Kitchens (That I Love)

On a related note: wow, clearly I really like open shelving these days. Much like stylized clutter, you tend to either love or hate open shelving. I mean come on guys, how am I supposed to display my beloved collections properly without open shelving? If I was going to design a kitchen today I don’t think I could resist having at least one segment of open shelves. How about you?

Cluttered Kitchens (That I Love)

This last kitchen is the most modern of the bunch but it has enough texture in the natural wood shelves and plaster walls to give off that rustic vibe. Handmade, uneven dishes and little vintage treasures make all the difference as well. Guys, I really want to live in a big old farmhouse so I can even hope to attempt to pull off this look. Living in a ’70s condo with builder basic finishes and no crown molding is a major cramp on my groove, haha. If we do end up in a newer less-farmhousey home when we move, it’s going to be interesting to see if I can manage that antique, rustic style. We shall see!

one | Delaware Valley 8 Magazine
two | via blood & champagne
three | Mimi Thorisson
four | via MFAMB
five | Jersey Ice Cream Co via Design*Sponge