Rustic Kitchen Beauties

Rustic Kitchen Beauties | |

Not everything about this kitchen is rustic but it definitely has that vibe with its rough cement floors, giant wood table, and wood beam ceiling. They’ve also worked in mid-century modern chairs, industrial looking cupboards, and a very glam chandelier. Oh how I love style mixing.

Rustic Kitchen Beauties | |

Despite its glossy cupboard doors and marble countertop this kitchen too has a rustic soul. There is something so delicious about white on white on white. Most people I know would never dream of using so much white but look at it people. Am I wrong that this is gorgeous? I’ll tell you what I believe to be the two keys to pulling off so much white in a room. One, the room must have good light, preferably lots of natural light. And two, texture! Varying textures can create just as much visual interest as varying colors. Shiny, matte, feathery, weathered, wiry, rough, smooth, etc. They’re all here.

Rustic Kitchen Beauties | |

I am basically obsessed with this kitchen. A lovely off-white cream is paired with black and beautiful wood tones. Bronze cabinet hardware happily coexists with a brass faucet. And then there’s the art. I can not get enough of kitchens with art. In a room that can feel utilitarian it is the easiest way to add personality. Not often is there a whole wall available to fill up, but man if you have the opportunity to do something like this, take it! I especially love how the piece of the ocean horizon is directly above the sink, perhaps mimicking the view out an absent window.

one | Jessica Helgerson via dustjacket attic
two | Kara Rosenlund via Dicordia Design
three | Lauren Liess via blood and champagne

Glam, Modern, or Rustic?

Glam, Modern, or Rustic? | |

These sitting areas are bursting with personality. You should view the above image larger to really take it in. And if it wasn’t already obvious this is our “glam” sitting room. From the chandelier to the ornate chest-turned-coffee-table to the fur seat on a gold chair to the malachite ceiling this space is positively bold and flashy. What do you think, is it too much?

Glam, Modern, or Rustic? | |

Traditional architecture with modern decor. One of my favorite combinations. Compared to the first room this looks so simple, sleek, and masculine. Am I the only one that likes both, though? What I’d really like to do is combine both of them and throw in a bit of this last one too.

Glam, Modern, or Rustic? | |

I’ll take this room’s soft, weather-worn textures and dark walls plus the first room’s lighting fixtures plus the second room’s architecture and bar cart. I find mixing styles so often produces the most interesting and lovely rooms. It isn’t always easy to pull off, everything still must feel somehow cohesive. You can achieve cohesiveness in other ways such as the color palette.

For me the real key to decorating is to simply go with what you love. Don’t confine yourself by any particular style or theme. Don’t assume that the gorgeous tufted Victorian sofa that you fell in love with at the antique store would never work next to your rustic brick fireplace or your modern rug. The tension between pieces like this creates excitement and interest in a room! So in answer to the question posed in the title of this post: Glam, modern, or rustic? All of the above, please.

one | D Magazine
two | Idha Lindhag
three | The Design Files via desire to inspire

Still Some Summer Left

You must strive to find your own voice. Because the longer you wait to begin, the less likely you are to find it at all. Thoreau said, “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation.” Don’t be resigned to that. Break out! – Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society

Still Some Summer Left | | Still Some Summer Left | Country Style Australia | design-vox.comStill Some Summer Left | |

one Jimmy Schönning via desire to inspire
two | Lisa Cohen and Heather Nette King for Country Style Australia via dustjacket attic
threeLa Fete + Alixann Loosle via Style Me Pretty

Children’s Room Designs

Children's Room Designs | |

Well if that isn’t the most glamorous child’s room I’ve ever seen. It could easily be an adult’s room; the dolls on the bed tip us off to the true occupant. Doesn’t this design just make you smile? Perhaps you have to have a certain level of girliness in you to appreciate it. I qualify. I love how it is largely neutral yet plenty playful.

Children's Room Designs | |

Just plain old good, adorable design. Again there is a lot of neutral white in this room but it is more than adequately punctuated with colorful elements. I love the framed photography. It gives the room an unexpected maturity that really elevates it. Kids’ rooms deserve art just as much as the rest of the house and it doesn’t have to be “kiddy” art either!

Children's Room Designs | |

This looks like toddler heaven. What can I say other than “bravo” about this design? Wonderful colors and plenty of whimsy. Appealing to both children and mom and dad. That’s the goal!

one | Christine Dovey, photo by Ashley Capp via Style Me Pretty
two | Sarah Lavoine via desire to inspire
three | Peppermint Bliss


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