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While I love and appreciate rooms that are minimalist, rustic, or laid-back bohemian, I also love and appreciate maximalism and refined luxury. The room above is a bit of an enigma for me because when I focus on individual pieces there’s actually quite a lot I don’t love. Those curtains are giving off an odd yellowy glow that seems to throw off the the color scheme of the whole room. The artwork on the left wall is meh. The chairs while nice look like you could find them at a cheap furniture outlet. And yet it all works together somehow. Or maybe I just really love that chandelier because I do really love that chandelier.

Fancy Shmancy | |

Now that is some maximalist luxury. I would like to shake the hand of the person that had the guts to combine all these elements together and in a building with such traditional architecture. Would I decorate like this in my own home? I can say with some certainty no, I would not. But I love examples of decorating that are so bold and personal and fun. If you love it, just go for it! Of course to get a chandelier like that you will need to be filthy rich, keep that in mind.

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This room is less traditional, but still luxurious and wonderful. I wish we had more than a peek of that crystal chandelier because you know me and crystal. A moth to the flame. Can we talk about this wall treatment? First of all the deep blue is a gorgeous color, and I am so mesmerized by the seemingly free-handed texture and stamping. Risk taking really really pays off sometimes. Gorgeous mid century furniture and pretty vintage portraits don’t hurt either!

one | Blair Harris, photo by Nick Johnson
two | NY Mag
threeDirk-Jan Kinet for Spanish Architectural Digest via desire to inspire

Statement Making Workspaces

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If you work from home and spend a lot of time in your office, I strongly recommend decorating it to the nines. This office space has me swooning with its impeccable mix of modern and traditional. A crystal chandelier, slick modern furniture, a warm wood wall, and fabulous antique portraits. I don’t care how creepy some people find them I can not get enough of old portrait paintings. It’s funny, in the grouping above I can totally see how someone would find either of the men a little creepy but Grandma’s kind face seems to diffuse the creep factor.

Statement Making Workspaces | |

Maybe you don’t need a big desk for long hours of working but just a spot to sit and write a letter or do your makeup occasionally. That’s another opportunity to make a lovely little workspace. I must admit that when I first started getting into interior design I was not a fan of leopard print, but I’ve been worn down by some really fantastic examples. And paired with an elegant brass chair frame? Be still my heart.

Statement Making Workspaces | Architectural Digest RU |

And then there’s this dream-like room. The architecture is the star with those huge windows accented perfectly by breezy sheer drapery. Beautiful flooring installations are still the only place I can handle chevron anymore and this blue and white tile knocks it out of the park. It would be so easy to feel inspired working in a space like this. Or just reading the paper and sipping some coffee!

one | Jake Curtis via desire to inspire
two | Studio Mrs via desire to inspire
three | photo by Robert Holden for Architectural Digest RU via dustjacket attic

Gorgeous Dining Rooms

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For some reason it has been just shy of a year since I posted any dining room photos. Where all the luscious dining rooms at? Well here’s a few for you. I just love this room’s simple, understated look that still feels personal and special. And the way they hung the art from strings attached to the ceiling? Such a neat idea that adds subtle visual interest. And when in doubt, add some pink flowers.

Gorgeous Dining Rooms | |

My mind is slightly boggled by all the different wood tones here. It can be a little scary mixing woods but time and again I see examples of it working beautifully.

Gorgeous Dining Rooms | |

I adore this. Creamy white walls paired with black window frames is a big win. I honestly love everything about this room. Get in my house!

one | Virginia MacDonald via desire to inspire
two | Jessica Helgerson Interior Design, Lincoln Barbour, via dustjacket attic
three | Blair Harris via desire to inspire

Wood Finishes in the Bathroom

Wood Finishes in the Bathroom |

Wood is a material that most minds don’t leap to when it comes to bathrooms. We all know that wood is susceptible to water damage and the bathroom is the wettest room of the house. But it is possible to treat wood to be more resistant to moisture and the payoff can be huge in terms of adding warmth and texture. The floor is the most obvious surface to install wood but there’s many more options as well, like the ceiling! Don’t you just love this rustic bathroom?

Wood Finishes in the Bathroom | |

Here they’ve (perhaps wisely) foregone wooden flooring and instead used unpainted wood for the cabinetry as well as what appears to be plywood on the ceiling. Plywood is somewhat of a trendy material right now but I’ll be honest, I’m not a big fan. I understand the cool factor of leaving something looking unfinished, I just do not find plywood attractive. The rest of this bathroom is heavenly, though. Here the brick wall works in tandem with the wooden finishes keeping the room earthy and warm despite its concrete floor.

Wood Finishes in the Bathroom | |

A wood-clad tub is an even more unconventional use of the material, and it’s lovely! Hopefully they sealed the wood thoroughly and dry splashes immediately… probably not the most practical tub for a family with children. But ooo so pretty. I’m particularly fond of this bathroom’s hanging towel bar. I’ve never seen anything like that before and it feels both luxurious and whimsical. Fun!

one | blood and champagne
two | Alex Kennedy, photo by Eve Wilson, via The Design Files
three | Wood Melbourne, styling by Stephanie Stamatis, photo by Tara Pearce, via The Design Files


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