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Simple Rustic Indoor Plants

August 19, 2015

Simple Rustic Indoor Plants

Has anyone else noticed that my taste in interior design has started to lean heavily towards this simple rustic look? When I first began blogging years ago the style I was most inspired by was Scandinavian, which now seems far too sterile to me. Then I got really into a playful mid-century inspired look, and now it’s a sort of bohemian rustic sensibility that’s captured my heart. I can still find inspiration and delight in lots of styles, but what I’m really craving over and over is old, beautiful, worn, natural spaces. And in those spaces plant life is often what makes things sing. Even the simplest, most humble potted plant or a single sculptural tree can bring so much life to a room.

Simple Rustic Indoor Plants

Simple Rustic Indoor Plants | Daniella Witte

Simple Rustic Indoor Plants | Daniella Witte

A solitary branch plucked from the yard can serve as a really good shortcut to getting this look. There’s a lot of good faux options too if you don’t want to wake up to find your lovely branch has wilted and gone all sad looking over night. Yes, that happened to me. I really want a long branch for this vintage jug I have but it’s one of those huge ones and it’s not realistic to put water into it, so I think faux is the answer for me.

Simple Rustic Indoor Plants | Daniella Witte

Simple Rustic Indoor Plants | The home of Bunny Mellon.

Do you have much plant life in your home? I only recently made my foray into the world of potted plants, I have two little guys on a table in the living room. They are going strong despite the fact that I only think to water them maybe once a week. I’m hoping soon to share with you more of the progress in our condo so you should get to meet them. :)

one | original source unknown via Georgina Lee Stuart
two | original source unknown via coco+kelley
threeDaniella Witte
fourDaniella Witte
fiveDaniella Witte
six | the home of Bunny Mellon via NY Times

A side note: I learned recently that since the redesign of the blog the comments section may not have been working for everyone. I made some changes and it should be all good to go now! There’s also a new “Like” button at the bottom of each post. So you can make my day and click “like” when the mood strikes. :)

Dining Room Home Products

Get The Look: Vintage Farmhouse Chic Dining Room

August 13, 2015

Get The Look: Vintage Farmhouse Chic Dining Room | The home of Daria Souvorova via Design*Sponge.

The home of Daria Souvorova via Design*Sponge.

I thought I’d try something new today and pull together a “get the look” round up of products inspired by the above vintage farmhouse chic dining room. Too many adjectives? Possibly. But it really is all those things. When searching for these products it became clear that to really get this look you have to use a lot of vintage, nothing can replace that age and character. So for several items I’m including both a new and vintage option for your consideration.

Get The Look: Vintage Farmhouse Chic Dining Room

New Chandelier $320 | Vintage Chandelier $1,300
Art by Valdas Misevičius | Frames by Framebridge
New Table $250 | Vintage Table $650

To find chandeliers like this, search for “Williamsburg chandelier”. I don’t particularly love most chandeliers in this style but the unique detail on that vintage number definitely caught my eye. These chandeliers also totally lend themselves to modernization. They can be spraypainted (both the body and/or the faux candlesticks), and the bulbs can be switched out for round bulbs which completely changes the personality of the piece.

Get The Look: Vintage Farmhouse Chic Dining Room

New Chair 1 $260/pair | New Chair 2 $170 | New Chair 3 $149
Vintage Chair Set 1 $275 | Vintage Chair Set 2 $1,200
Rug $1,135 | Trunk $510

When searching for chairs like this try “windsor”, “bentwood”, and “farmhouse”. Or if you love that vintage set of 6 as much as I do add “Thonet”. The rug is a “Geometric Kazak Oriental Rug”. This very charming type of trunk can be found looking for “barrel stave wood trunk”. A lot of these items can be found at antique stores, flea markets, and even thrift stores. Happy searching!

So what do you think? Did I replicate the inspiration room pretty well? Would you like to see more posts like this? Let me know! :)

Kitchen My Home

Planning Our Kitchen Remodel

August 7, 2015

Christina's Home 2

It’s been a long time since I blogged about my own home. Just over a year. While it doesn’t feel to me like a lot has happened or changed, there are definitely some things I could share with you guys. For starters I’m excited to say that my husband and I are just starting a kitchen remodel! This is by far the biggest project I’ve taken on in our little condo since I bought it in back in 2010. It’s awesome not just because we’ll have a much nicer kitchen but also because I really wanted to get this taken care of before trying to sell the place, so we’re taking a big step in that direction.

Just for fun, here’s the shot of my kitchen from the real estate listing when I purchased it. I’d completely forgotten about those orange walls! That I inexplicably painted yellow when I moved in.


Other than a new dishwasher that I had to get several years ago, everything about the kitchen was original to the home which was built in the ’70s. A couple weeks ago we started things off with a new stove and range hood (not pictured). Going from a decades old bisque colored appliance to a modern, much more powerful one in stainless steel… wow. For now we still have an old off-white fridge, though I do hope to replace that too.

The next step in our remodel is getting the cabinets painted! I’m quite excited. We have a painter scheduled for this coming Monday. We are going from that same yellow off-white color to a true bright white, specifically Decorator’s White by Benjamin Moore. It’s a classic choice and it’s what we have on all of our trim throughout the condo. It will make the room feel so much fresher, cleaner, and more modern. Painting is much more affordable than replacing all the cabinets, but will still have a huge impact.

We’re waiting for some quotes on new counter tops. The current counter is ’70s laminate that is literally peeling at the seams. What I’m hoping for is the white marble look without actual marble. Our counter top lady said she has everything from laminate (which can be much much better these days) to granite to quartz that has that marble look, so it will just be a matter of what works with the budget. While real marble is stunning, it has weaknesses as far as maintenance and durability. My parents got a marble-look quartz in their new kitchen and you would never know it isn’t real marble. Seems like the way to go if you don’t want to worry about staining and scratching. Not to mention certain types of marble can be prohibitively expensive.

Along with new counters we’ll be getting a new sink and faucet. When I first started searching for these things I really wasn’t sure what I wanted. Stainless steel sinks seem to be popular so I looked at those first, but I ended up picking out a white undermount sink that I think would be lovely. The faucet was even more difficult. Nickel? Bronze? Brass? There are lots of options that all could probably work. I love brass faucets but it is very hard to find a good one under $300. I am now leaning towards a black faucet, which I think is a good compromise between being a little out of the ordinary while still very neutral and easy to pair with other elements. I may still change my mind about either the sink or the faucet. We shall see!

At some point, hopefully in early September, new hardware will arrive for the cabinets that I am pumped about. Here I indulged my love of brass and ordered the Riverwood Knob and Greenwood Pull from Schoolhouse Electric (shown below).

Finally there’s the backsplash. This is even more up in the air than the sink and faucet. There are so many directions you can go with a backsplash and we also need to wait to see how much money we still have after everything else is taken care of. While I love a good classic white subway tile, you may have noticed that there is already a lot of white in the plan. An all-white kitchen can be fantastic but I thought it would be fun to do something else with the backsplash. Colorful backsplashes have a very hard time winning me over. For example I can not stand the colorful mosaic glass tile trend. While I think something with color could potentially work, the idea of a dramatic black tile is very appealing to me. The only possible concern is that it would of course make the kitchen very high contrast, with all that white broken up by a strong horizontal band of black. Do I want it to be high contrast? I still have to mull that over. The small dining room that is directly adjacent to the kitchen is in fact already high contrast with a nearly-white gray above the chair rail and a near-black below. So it might end up making perfect sense to continue that theme.

kitchen planning 080615

Knob | Pull | Tile | Faucet | Sink

So that is the loose plan right now! I just can not wait for the painter to start the process. It will really be “real” once that step is complete I think. Hopefully everything else will follow swiftly and I’ll have shiny after photos for you soon!

Living Room

Color Inspiration for Living Rooms

July 23, 2015

Color Inspiration for Living Rooms | Architectural Digest France

While a neutral room with pops of color is typically more my style, I do occasionally love a good liberal use of color. Bright and strong colors can be so invigorating, wonderful if you want a room to feel exciting and fun. The shot above is so on point it’s alarming. Deep green walls, bright chartreuse details, beautiful maroon-pink velvet chairs and a gutsy bit of bright orange thrown in with that vase. On paper I would probably think that color combination is a little ridiculous but I can’t help but love it. Having a strong foundation of killer architecture and classy furniture definitely gives you more room to play with color.

Pretty Coral Pink FlowersColor Inspiration for Living Rooms, Monochromatic Blue| David Woolley

Going monochromatic (having only one color used throughout) can be a great way to test the colorful waters. You don’t have to concern yourself with mixing and can actually achieve a look that feels somewhat neutral in character if that is what you would like. Blue has always been a very popular color and is a great one to try if you don’t normally use a lot of color.

Drowning Princess by Jvdas BerraColor Inspiration for Living Rooms. Fresh minty green walls. | Nicole NajafiPink hair, green hair. Desert bohemian inspiration from 100 Layer Cake.Color Inspiration for Living Rooms. Dark blue walls. | Debi Treloar

The saturation level of a color has a huge impact on how it feels in a space. Lower saturation like you see in pastels is airier and fresher (which is perfect for some rooms), while high saturation is alluring and bold. I absolutely love it when two highly saturated colors are used together. Gorgeous strong blue walls and a dramatic deep maroon on the sofa work together to create a room that feels daring and adventurous and anything but boring.

one | Architectural Digest France
two | Honor
three | David Woolley
fourJvdas Berra via Waiting for Tea Again
five | Nicole Najafi via Elle Decor
six | 100 Layer Cake
seven | Debi Treloar via decor8


Inspiration for a Beautiful Outdoor Living Space

July 16, 2015

Inspiration for a Beautiful Outdoor Living Space

Thanks to living in a condo, our current outdoor living space is a tiny deck, maybe 10 by 10 feet. Some hand-me-down outdoor furniture lives there, a table and chairs, but there’s nothing attractive about them. With the space being so small it just doesn’t lure us out there very often which is such a shame being someone who draws a lot of energy from the outdoors. Whenever my husband and I start looking for our next home, the outdoor space will definitely be something I pay attention to. We want a single family home, so at the very least we’ll definitely have some sort of yard. I also would really like to move out of the city a ways, so we might end up with a large lot.

I’m definitely excited by the prospect of having land to enjoy though somewhat ironically the outdoor living spaces that I am usually drawn to are all on decks and patios. Or in other words: no huge abundance of grass. Grass is nice to be sure, but truthfully I prefer a more “wild” yard with a hardscaped area for relaxing in the sun. Hardscape refers to all of the man-made elements of an outdoor design such as paved areas, structures, walls, pools and fountains, etc. The space above has a lot of hardscaping, and they’ve done a beautiful job balancing all the “hard” with soft plant life.

#flowers #biking

Inspiration for a Beautiful Outdoor Living Space

A beautiful outdoor living space doesn’t have to be overly complicated or decorated to the gills. Even with some wonky shutters and an uneven looking brick patio this space is lovely. Embrace the fact that this is an outdoor room and let the plants get a little overgrown.

Inspiration for a Beautiful Outdoor Living Space

wander into the woods

This is the sort of scene I’d like to be able to wander into from our future home. Forests are my favorite. Walking paths not necessary (though welcome). Do you have a favorite outdoor setting that you find particularly welcoming or energizing? Snow-capped mountains, ocean, desert? For me it’s always the greener the better.

Inspiration for a Beautiful Outdoor Living Space

oneDécormag via desire to inspire
two | source unknown
three | Boston Magazine
four | source unknown
five | Nirav Patel via hellanne
six | Decoholic


Vintage Bathrooms Brimming With Charm

July 1, 2015

Vintage Bathrooms. Beautiful cracking and peeling walls with old pedestal sinks. | |

I wish I could explain why I am so drawn to old decrepit things. Some of course are just ugly or outdated, but there’s something about certain objects and rooms. Despite crumbling bits and worn corners they are brimming with charm. I suppose it has a lot to do with a feeling that they have a story to tell, that they’ve been around a while and are therefore imbued with the character and personality of the people and events that have touched them. Public vintage bathrooms have never been so lovely as the one above. 😉 I have a particular fondness for cracking and peeling walls. Time has turned it into art.

Vintage Bathrooms. Old style vanity mirror complimented by glossy white subway tile. |

Just adding a few vintage touches to a room can transform it from bland and unexciting to welcoming and intriguing. The vintage-style mirrors in this bathroom are adorable. And how about that tile? Pretty much everyone likes subway tile and I love how this has the same basic look but the tiles have a handmade, wavy and uneven look. Super charming.

I found some seriously stunning tile recently when I was looking for ideas for our kitchen (which may or may not be remodeled some time in the near future). Check out these lovelies that could work just as easily in bathrooms as on a backsplash.

All from Tabarka Studio: one | two | three | four

"We are hear to awaken from the illusion of our separateness." | |

Vintage Bathrooms. Turquoise claw foot tub with decorative floor tile. |

That tub. That tile! The perfect vintage touches in a clean, modern room.

Vintage Bathrooms. Wild flower arrangement in a moody bathroom with dark walls. | |

If you can plop giant wild flower arrangements on the sinks in your vintage bathrooms that always helps too. 😉

one | Yatzer via blood and champagne
two | source unknown
three | IAMU Collective via Bohemian Diesel
four | source unknown
five | Design*Sponge