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Inspiration for a Beautiful Outdoor Living Space

July 16, 2015

Inspiration for a Beautiful Outdoor Living Space

Thanks to living in a condo, our current outdoor living space is a tiny deck, maybe 10 by 10 feet. Some hand-me-down outdoor furniture lives there, a table and chairs, but there’s nothing attractive about them. With the space being so small it just doesn’t lure us out there very often which is such a shame being someone who draws a lot of energy from the outdoors. Whenever my husband and I start looking for our next home, the outdoor space will definitely be something I pay attention to. We want a single family home, so at the very least we’ll definitely have some sort of yard. I also would really like to move out of the city a ways, so we might end up with a large lot.

I’m definitely excited by the prospect of having land to enjoy though somewhat ironically the outdoor living spaces that I am usually drawn to are all on decks and patios. Or in other words: no huge abundance of grass. Grass is nice to be sure, but truthfully I prefer a more “wild” yard with a hardscaped area for relaxing in the sun. Hardscape refers to all of the man-made elements of an outdoor design such as paved areas, structures, walls, pools and fountains, etc. The space above has a lot of hardscaping, and they’ve done a beautiful job balancing all the “hard” with soft plant life.

#flowers #biking

Inspiration for a Beautiful Outdoor Living Space

A beautiful outdoor living space doesn’t have to be overly complicated or decorated to the gills. Even with some wonky shutters and an uneven looking brick patio this space is lovely. Embrace the fact that this is an outdoor room and let the plants get a little overgrown.

Inspiration for a Beautiful Outdoor Living Space

wander into the woods

This is the sort of scene I’d like to be able to wander into from our future home. Forests are my favorite. Walking paths not necessary (though welcome). Do you have a favorite outdoor setting that you find particularly welcoming or energizing? Snow-capped mountains, ocean, desert? For me it’s always the greener the better.

Inspiration for a Beautiful Outdoor Living Space

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Vintage Bathrooms Brimming With Charm

July 1, 2015

Vintage Bathrooms. Beautiful cracking and peeling walls with old pedestal sinks. | |

I wish I could explain why I am so drawn to old decrepit things. Some of course are just ugly or outdated, but there’s something about certain objects and rooms. Despite crumbling bits and worn corners they are brimming with charm. I suppose it has a lot to do with a feeling that they have a story to tell, that they’ve been around a while and are therefore imbued with the character and personality of the people and events that have touched them. Public vintage bathrooms have never been so lovely as the one above. 😉 I have a particular fondness for cracking and peeling walls. Time has turned it into art.

Vintage Bathrooms. Old style vanity mirror complimented by glossy white subway tile. |

Just adding a few vintage touches to a room can transform it from bland and unexciting to welcoming and intriguing. The vintage-style mirrors in this bathroom are adorable. And how about that tile? Pretty much everyone likes subway tile and I love how this has the same basic look but the tiles have a handmade, wavy and uneven look. Super charming.

I found some seriously stunning tile recently when I was looking for ideas for our kitchen (which may or may not be remodeled some time in the near future). Check out these lovelies that could work just as easily in bathrooms as on a backsplash.

All from Tabarka Studio: one | two | three | four

"We are hear to awaken from the illusion of our separateness." | |

Vintage Bathrooms. Turquoise claw foot tub with decorative floor tile. |

That tub. That tile! The perfect vintage touches in a clean, modern room.

Vintage Bathrooms. Wild flower arrangement in a moody bathroom with dark walls. | |

If you can plop giant wild flower arrangements on the sinks in your vintage bathrooms that always helps too. 😉

one | Yatzer via blood and champagne
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Chic Rustic Kitchens

June 22, 2015

I have a bit of exciting news! Last week I spontaneously decided that I was finally going to move design-vox to self-hosting, rather than being hosted by WordPress which it is currently. I’ll still be using WordPress as a platform but this will allow me a lot more freedom with customizing the blog. Also, as part of the change design-vox is getting a brand new look! I am hopeful that by the time I post again it will be up and running! It will be the same web address, and nothing should change as far as any subscription that you may have to the blog. That is something that I’m still a little mystified by that I think I need to get help with. If you notice anything odd with the site as the transition occurs I do apologize and feel free to let me know. Now back to our regular programming…

Chic Rustic Kitchens | |

I love rustic elements in any room of the house but something about rustic kitchens really make me swoon. Worn wood, vintage copper pots, natural touches. I need my country house now, please.

Chic Rustic Kitchens | | design-vox.comChic Rustic Kitchens | design-vox.comWood beams, messy braids, and lots of rings. | design-vox.comChic Rustic Kitchens | |

Normally I would say my dream kitchen involves white marble and black cabinets but a kitchen like this one sure verges on coming out on top.

Beautiful Country Home | |

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I got married! + Dreamy Workspaces

June 3, 2015

Hello! I’m alive! I’m blogging! I’m married! That happened. As I suspected, in the weeks leading up to my wedding on May 23 I was forced to put the blog on one of many back burners. I’m amazed how some bloggers manage to keep blogging right through big changes or events in their lives, though I suppose if it’s your full time job you find a way to make it happen. Alas, I am back at my actual full time job as of this Monday. The good news is that our wedding was about as perfect as you could hope for; perfect weather, everything fell into place, and our guests had a blast. I am so stinkin’ excited to see the photos from Kelly Sweet. In the mean time here is a little sneak peak of me and my amazing bouquet by Shelby Ferguson. I will definitely be sharing more photos once I receive them!

Photo by Kelly Sweet | Christopher + Christina's May 23, 2015 Wedding |

Now let’s get back into the reason you come here: design! I have three lovely shots of work spaces for you today accompanied by images I thought complimented them. I’ve been having fun the last few posts finding these extra photos to deepen the feeling the interior design shots invoke, or just to play around with color schemes.

Dreamy Workspaces | |

Oh how I love a chalky matte black wall. Matte black anything is appealing to me lately. | Dreamy Workspaces | |

Sleek white walls paired with rough, worn antiques is a beautiful juxtaposition. I’m less of a crusader for white walls than I used to be though I will still happily defend them against those who find them boring or just ugly. The key is to pair white with good design. A white room decorated with little thought or care is going to be boring and probably ugly (sorry not sorry). But a white room decorated with personality and patience can be stunning. | Dreamy Workspaces | |

Wowee wow. This is why I’m less into white walls than I used to be. Dark blue and black are colors I am itching to use more of. While this room is a bit more colorful than I would personally go, it’s undeniably awesome and fun, would you agree?


one | My Wedding photographed by Kelly Sweet
two | Modern Hepburn via irordoco
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four | Architectural Digest via nicety
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six | Hillary Thomas via desire to inspire
seven | original source unknown / vintage image

Decorate Exterior

A Home In The Country

April 17, 2015

A Home In The Country | |

I am forever daydreaming about moving to the country. Fresh air, open fields, long country roads, and beautiful country homes that show their age and offer a simplicity and sense of calm. Just being surrounded by more nature would improve my daily mood.

A Home In The Country |

I’m not quite as in to all white rooms as I used to be but this collection of white serving dishes and linen is a dream. Because everybody needs three big soup tureens and four matching pitchers, right?

A Home In The Country | | design-vox.comA Home In The Country | |

I’m not the only one that positively swoons over ragged old perfectly aged architecture, am I? I wish there were any homes as old and classy as this where I live. The US is just too young of a country. I want more old things. I realized that so many of my favorite Etsy shops are selling vintage items from Europe, particularly France. That’s where all the good old stuff is.

A Home In The Country | |

Although some new build homes in the country are pretty alluring too!

A Home In The Country |

I hope your weekend is as warm and comfortable as these images make me feel!

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Bedrooms To Spend All Day In

April 2, 2015

Bedrooms To Spend All Day In | |

It has been a little too long since I last blogged and for that I apologize although those of you with keen memories may recall that I am getting married next month holy crap. Pretty much as soon as I realized it was March my brain went severely into wedding mode and almost all of my free time has been spent on either planning or decompressing from all the planning. I have missed so much in the blog world and today I dipped my toe back in and remembered why I love reading and writing about interior design! There’s something about beautiful images that I find so therapeutic. Even though I’m not lying in that perfectly undone bed, imagining it is calming and puts a smile on my face.

Bedrooms To Spend All Day In | |

One of my favorite things to do is scroll through my Pinterest pins because it puts me in such a delicious, mellow, inspired mood. Obviously I love photos of interiors but all sorts of things inspire me so today I thought I’d interject a little bit to flesh out the visual story of this post and give you some more pretty things to enjoy.

Bedrooms To Spend All Day In | |

It seems most people could use more sleep than they’re getting and I am no exception. A long vacation spent lounging on a gorgeous bed like this sounds about right.

Bedrooms To Spend All Day In | |

Bedrooms To Spend All Day In | |

Ready for that nap yet?

one | Brigette Muller
two & fourAnna Ławska + Piotr Czyż via Miss Moss
three | desire to inspire
five | sf girl by bay