The Versatility of Marble

The Versatility of Marble | |

Probably 70% of the kitchen photos that I share feature marble. It is easily my favorite countertop material visually speaking. I know it has its shortcomings (rare varieties can be very expensive and it’s susceptible to scratching and staining) but to me it’s worth it for the sheer beauty. Though it has a distinctive appearance, it can work in probably any style home. The marble in the kitchen above is subtle and soft, one of the more common veining patterns, and it fits in perfectly with the grand and glamorous design.

The Versatility of Marble | |

This marble’s darker gray streaks and almost speckled quality make it more visually striking which really adds interest to this rather minimalist, modern kitchen.

The Versatility of Marble | |

Normally I’m drawn to the more standard simple gray veining in Carrera marble, but this photo is threatening to change my mind. This is clearly one of those more rare varieties of marble that probably costs an arm and a leg, but holy cow is it ever gorgeous. And just an absolutely perfect treatment, the way it’s been used as both the countertop and the backsplash as well as a seamless sink and shelf. Here marble seems to take on a rustic quality that it normally doesn’t have, accentuated by a rough (cement maybe?) wall treatment and casual collection of items on the shelf. I love it!

one | D Magazine via Christine Dovey
two | Joanna Lavén and Idha Lindhag via dustjacket attic
three | NYTimes via Remodelista

Ideas For A Beautiful Bedroom

Ideas For A Beautiful Bedroom | |

I am a big fan of simple, textural, layered bedding. I love the relaxed, unfussy look of linen and a soft chunky throw blanket on top. Without a headboard something was needed to anchor this bed and giant framed art fits the bill beautifully. It isn’t always easy or affordable to procure art this large, so try thinking out of the box by searching for art posters (like these), wall murals (like this), tapestries, or by having an image blown up at a copy shop.

Ideas For A Beautiful Bedroom | |

Painting your bedroom walls dark is a sure fire way to make the room cozy and dramatic. Be sure to balance it with lighter elements (like the rug, light shade, and artwork in this room). Rather than using one large ceiling fixture, several smaller lights such as table lamps create flattering, comforting light in small pools throughout a room.

Ideas For A Beautiful Bedroom | |

A couple of standout, stylish pieces elevates a whole room. This lovely modern side table is an eye catcher that along with the unusual lamp proves functional pieces can and should be beautiful too. If you’re working with a tight budget for bedroom furniture, I’d say save money on the bed frame and get something simple that will just be covered by bedding all the time anyway. Then pick either nightstands or a dresser to be your “standout” furniture item and spend a little more on that. Let your standout item be the star by styling it up and making sure it’s well lit. If there’s money left don’t forget art for the walls! Art will instantly make the room feel “decorated” and personal.

one | Joanna Lavén and Idha Lindhag via dustjacket attic
two | Romain Ricard via 79 ideas
three | Eric Piasecki via desire to inspire

White Walls Forever

White Walls Forever | |

White walls just do not get old. When the right decor is layered in it becomes so fresh and chic.

White Walls Forever | |

Creamy off-white has the same effect. I love this slightly minimalist collection of dishes.

White Walls Forever | |

White really is the queen of wall colors in my opinion. It can work for almost any style. It allows the furniture and accessories to do almost all the talking. It won’t clash with anything or start to feel outdated over time. I do think white works best in rooms with a fair amount of light, especially natural light. And it must be well decorated and lived-in, otherwise it can feel unfinished.

It seems most people I know think it’d be a little weird to paint a wall white, that it’s boring or a missed opportunity to use a color you like. I might have agreed several years ago but there’s just no denying that so many of the interior design shots I love feature white walls. The only white in my home currently is in the dining room, and it’s only white (very light gray really) above the chair rail. Below the chair rail is a near-black. It’s my favorite paint in the condo easily. But I do hope to try an all white room one day! Like I said earlier it doesn’t have to be a true, pure white. Take a look at any paint manufacturer’s colors and you’ll see a dizzying amount of “white” paint options to choose from!

one | Matchbook Mag via Erika Brechtel
two | A+B Kasha via dustjacket attic
threeBroste Copenhagen via Amber Interior Design

Tile Talk and Changes at My House

How are you all? Sorry I’ve been so sporadic with posting lately. There’s been a lot to distract me. Work’s been busy, I’ve been trying to teach myself to cook instead of relying on so much processed food, and my fiance Chris is moving in with me very soon (squeal). The era of living on my own is coming to an end and it’s pretty weird to try and wrap my head around that. It will be a huge adjustment for both of us, but of course it’s also very exciting.

There’s been a little bit of updating going on in my condo, but nothing really blog-worthy. I got a hand-me-down dryer from my father-in-law-to-be which is awesome since my old one was practically unusable (it liked to rip clothes). And now I’ve just ordered a shiny new dishwasher because my old one (which I’m pretty sure is original to the ’70s structure) finally kicked the bucket. I also finally painted the lower stairwell, which had been one of the few surfaces that I still hadn’t painted since I moved in. It was yellowy and covered in holes and crayon marks. Yeah. Feels so good to have it a clean light-mid gray.

So with this whole fiance and eventual husband situation I will now of course have to get any home updates okayed by him, but the good news is he doesn’t care about it all nearly as much as I do so I will still have quite a bit of creative freedom. For years we’ve been saying that Chris will need a man cave and he will get to furnish and decorate it how he chooses, while I will have pretty much free reign in the rest of the house. We’ll both have veto power though which I think is wise. :) Chris does surprise me sometimes by randomly showing interest in interior design. There’s a sofa at JCPenney that he has had his eye on for like a year now and often we’ll be at the mall and he’ll say, “Can we go see the Darrin sofa?” I got him to go into The Tile Shop and he actually had fun critiquing the displays with me.

bathroom042314 01

One thing that is definitely clear with my taste in tile is that I like it to be in the white/gray/black family. I have a very hard time with tan/brown tile. I could possibly handle a subtle creamy color but it’s not my first choice. I find beige colors in general feel outdated to me more often than not. I think too many people choose beige because they’re afraid the cooler neutrals will feel too… well, too cold. It’s good to be mindful of that possibility but honestly it’s not that big of a deal. Something as simple as warm light from a fixture can pretty much take care of that. Plop some pink flowers on your counter. Boom, warm room.

bathroom042314 02

Mmm, black ceiling how I love you. This room would feel way less cool and much too stark if the ceiling had been painted white. I’m not so much a fan of the hide rug, I just don’t like that kind of rug and it seems especially odd in a bathroom. But can we talk about those lights? Genius. This lighting scheme works particularly well because of the room’s high ceilings. The lights have a lot of empty space to occupy, whereas a room with standard 8 foot ceilings, especially a smaller room, would probably feel crowded and weird with multiple pendant lights like this.

bathroom042314 03

Gorgeous tile, but I particularly enjoy the cheerful pop of blue in the sink (that is then mirrored in the accessories), and of course the brass fish shaped faucet. That is a fish, right? Or a dolphin? Something like that, haha.

oneDonald Lococo Architects via nicety
two | via The Beautiful Soup
three | Design*Sponge


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