Find Your Zen in the Bathroom

Find Your Zen in the Bathroom | |

I don’t know about you, but for me the bathroom is not a place of relaxation and pampering. My bathroom is windowless and small. I have a tub (combined with shower) but I have taken approximately one bath in it. I have serious bathroom envy. I see photos of spacious rooms, stand-alone soaking tubs, beautiful tile, etc. and I hope I might have that one day. Although at this point I would be thrilled just to have some freaking windows. I love how the above bathroom has a whole wall full of windows, and wow that’s a lot of storage space.

Find Your Zen in the Bathroom | |

We need to stop for a moment and appreciate the utter gorgeousness of this bathroom. Talk about luxury.  Those window panes kill me. The matching brass hardware is to die for. Brass is sort of anomaly in my opinion, because on the one hand it is being used liberally by a lot of top designers and bloggers to the point that I worry its popularity may be nearing an end, but at the same time I believe that there are a lot of average home owners who are still appalled by brass and can think of nothing but the 80s when they see it, and not in a good way. I for one am fully on the brass train and I hope to see it stick around for a while. There is bad brass out there for sure. I haven’t been able to articulate what exactly makes some brass finishes good and others bad… I just know it when I see it, haha.

Find Your Zen in the Bathroom | |

This bathroom manages to feel both glamorous and rustic, which is usually a combination I enjoy. Crystal chandeliers are pretty much always a good idea. As are gigantic mirrors. The vintage style tile and tub make the space homey and not overly flashy, as do the lovely worn wood pieces. I dig it.

one | Sarah Lavoine via desire to inspire
two | Magnus Marding via desire to inspire
three | Alec Hemer via desire to inspire

Express Your Style with a Sitting Area

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I love a good sitting area. Whether it’s part of a living room or just a single chair tucked in a corner, they’re such a good opportunity to express your style while also creating a nice spot to sit and take a rest. Chairs in particular are a piece of furniture that can take on so many different forms making them the perfect piece to provide a moment of interest and personal flair. That is if you don’t just settle for the La-Z-Boy.

Express Your Style with a Sitting Area | |

Admittedly this shot isn’t exactly realistic from a space and styling point of view, but I still love that light pink chair and brass floor lamp. As hip as you may feel putting your books on the floor, a (reachable) side table is recommended. :p

Express Your Style with a Sitting Area | |

Check out that chair! It’s almost like a hybrid between a chair and a hammock. Very fun. If something needs a little extra softness a sheepskin is almost always a good idea. IKEA sells them for cheap! I’ve had one of IKEA’s for several years now and it’s held up beautifully.

one | Brooke Pertzel via The Design Files
twoHeidi Lerkenfeldt via The Design Chaser
three | Hecker Guthrie via My White Room

Open Shelving in Kitchens

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Open shelving in kitchens is a matter of contention in the design world. Are they visually interesting or just visual clutter? Do they make it easy to grab the dishes you need or do they make it impossible to keep those dishes clean? My answer to both those questions: It depends. If the person filling the shelves has a good eye for styling they’ll know what to use and how to do it in a way that is appealing, not just a jumbled mess. It does take a certain amount of skill and probably some trial and error. And you will probably want to have nice looking dishes. As for keeping those dishes free of dust, if they’re dishes that you use often, at least several times a week, it shouldn’t be an issue.

Open Shelving in Kitchens | Nate Berkus |

So if you think you have what it takes to pull off open shelves, do consider it because they can be seriously gorgeous. As these first two images illustrate, it can be done in a classy, uncluttered way. Instead of dishes you use frequently you could also opt for items you rarely use but want to display, and by all means mix in purely decorative stuff too.

Open Shelving in Kitchens | |

I’m on board with this version too. Filled to the brim! It works because the items are all related (almost all vases) and with the exception of a few reds and blues they are neutral in color. Also vital is the fact that every major surface in the room (except the floor) is white. This keeps the room feeling clean and serene despite the riot of relative clutter. This maximalist approach takes serious styling skills so attempt at your own risk. :)

one | Michaelis Boyd via desire to inspire
two | Nate Berkus via shop talk
three | Cressida Campbell via the design files

How To Decorate If You’re Afraid of Color

How To Decorate If You're Afraid of Color |

If you’re afraid of using color in your decor, my first piece of advice would be to push yourself. That doesn’t mean go out and buy a pink sofa or bright green curtains. You can easily introduce small bits of color into your home with accessories. My second piece of advice would be to take a cue from these photographs I’m sharing today. Rooms with very little color can easily come off as sterile, lifeless, or boring. But they can also be incredibly classy and beautiful if done well. The most surefire way to introduce a bit of easy color while also staving off the “lifeless” adjective is with plant life. Green leaves are practically a neutral our eyes are so accustomed to them.

How To Decorate If You're Afraid of Color |

Another excellent trick to making a beautiful room with little color is to use oodles of texture. Varying textures have a very similar effect visually to varying colors. This room is anything but boring despite it’s monochromatic scheme because of the collected and personal vibe of its decor. Can you imagine how different it would be if they’d hung art from Bed Bath & Beyond?

How To Decorate If You're Afraid of Color | |

Another way to up the wow factor without relying on vibrant colors is to try dark colors. I love this wall color. It’s the perfect sort of medium blue-gray that will take on different tones depending on the lighting. Exactly the kind of color I’d like to try in my own home!

one | via blood & champagne
two | via nicety
three | via Yellow Trace


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